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4 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Buying a Laptop

by Roveen Anyango
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While our phones are taking over many computing tasks, there is no doubt that laptops still provide much more power for work-related tasks. As such, no matter how powerful your phone is, you will always want to do some heavy work on your laptop.

There are several things we will want from a laptop. But, even as you look at those things you want, avoid the following mistakes.

Buying the cheapest option

Sure, you might be on a budget, but when looking for a laptop within your budget, don’t instinctively go for the cheapest since it is within your budget. Ensure that the laptop you are choosing is able to perform the tasks you want from it. for example, if you will be doing some multi-tasking, then consider a budget laptop with quad-core processor rather than the cheapest on, which would only have dual-core processor.

No regard for size

A laptop should perfectly fit into your needs and wants without any major compromises. If you work on the go, then going for a bulky 17-inch laptop would not make any sense, no matter the specs. On the other hand, if you are a multi-tasker on the computer, a 10 or 12-inch laptop could be too small.

Ensure that you consider each work scenario to select the best size for your needs.

Too Much focus on one specification

Sometimes, we might really want a laptop that has a major outstanding feature that we consider crucial to our work. Perhaps you want a laptop with long battery life because you work away from a power source. Or, you might want a laptop with high resolution because you want to do photo and video editing.

All this is fine, but ensure that you are not compromising too much on other areas. Look at the specs you need, but ensure that other specs are also up to standard. For example, you might find the best resolution laptop for video editing, but if it has little storage or a small RAM, you might struggle loading it with editing software in the first place.


This is an often overlooked part of the laptop buying process but it is among the most crucial. How well do you like the laptop keyboard layout? How do the keyboards feel? Do you like the trackpad? Do you mind its weight?

All these questions are crucial in helping you choose a laptop that will be easy to use as you want.

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