2 Reasons Why the Samsung Odyssey 55-inch Screen is Worth It…and One Reason It Isn’t

On 12th September, 2022, Samsung launched their much anticipated Odyssey Ark 55-inch screen. The massive screen starts at $ 3,499, quite a fortune for many of us.

But does the screen live up to its price tags? Below are some reasons why it definitely is worth the risk – if you have the cash of course.

Massive 4K Resolution

4K resolution has taken over the world as many high-end smartphones pack it as one of the distinguishing features. The Odyssey Ark takes that to a whole different level just due to its sheer size.

The 55-inch, 1000R curved screen, aside from 4K resolution (3,840 x 2,160) has a peak brightness of 2,000 nits with a 165Hz refresher rate. This means that gaming will be smooth and detailed like never before and videos will be crisper and more colorful than on any other screen. Additionally, the curve is there to give you an immersive experience when gaming.


Looking at the Odyssey, it looks like any other landscape screen, but Samsung went a step further to make the Ark 55-inc screen rotatable to vertical mode, called ‘cockpit mode’.

Verticality might seem like an excessive feature, until you realize that apps such as Instagram work best in vertical mode. Thus, there would be no need to toggle with settings if you want to view Instagram comfortably on this screen. Simply rotate the screen to its vertical stand.

Aside from making social media access more standard, the vertical screen allows for multitasking too, with up to three, 14-inch screen tabs able to fit on it – one on top of the other.

This cockpit mode is definitely great for work environment too, as it allows opening of multiple tabs in equally sized screens. In landscape, some adjustments might be necessary to fit all screens, though its main advantage is that you could fit several more windows on landscape without sacrificing too much.

For its two major advantages, however, the major downside of the Odyssey Ark is its price.

Starting at $ 3,499, the Odyssey Ark is a big financial ask for anyone. All that just for a screen might not make financial sense to most people even though it comes with a wide range of entertainment apps like those on Samsung TV.

However, if you feel as though the other monitors are simply not big enough for you, then the Odyssey Ark is your best bet.

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