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3 Apps Guaranteed to Improve your Social Life

by Roveen Anyango
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Early on during their introduction, social media apps helped our social life by connecting with new people or rekindle old connections that had gone cold. While that’s still the case today, it has come secondary to what most popular social media apps are now – a place to compete and bully others.

Among the noise, however, are apps actually designed to improve your social life and help you build your community closer. Here are some of them.


We start with an app that aims to connect people based on activities that interest them, from Arts, games, hobbies, health & wellbeing to pretty much everything else.

Meetup also provides you with a list of events from which you can then meet with the people you get along with online, from grabbing a drink together, to attending networking events, joining a bike ride or anything your mind can think up of.


Wink is a straightforward app in which, after setting up your profile, which includes birthday, first name, profile picture and country, you select the gender and age range of the people you want to meet and begin scrolling through to find people you want to interact with.

The app operates pretty much like Facebook, as you also get to send and receive Friend Requests, which disappear after 24 hours. You can also add more personalized information like hobbies, sports and others to increase your chances of getting a friend.


As the name suggests, Friended is designed to help you connect with a person for the purpose of building a relationship. After signing up, you will answer a few icebreaking questions before heading on to chatting with the person of your choice. For the moment however, the app is still only available for iOS.

While you can put quizes or posts out in public, replies will often only be between you and the person you message.

These apps seek to recreate the magic that the social media apps have lost as they grew more popular. Thus, these apps actually help you create connections with people with similar interests, rather than simply have you invest in likes and retweets from strangers.

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