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4 Android Widgets to Make Your Life Easier

by Roveen Anyango
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Android Widgets have been an important part of the platform for years now. A widget is a small applet which displays information at a glance or help you easily control other features such as music or flashlight.

Widgets make your use of the smartphone more convenient and easier and below, we look at some of the best that you can use on your smartphone home screen.

Overdrop Weather

Android has several weather widgets which are all great. However, the Overdrop is an impressive addition to the family.

This widget provides accurate minute-by-minute weather forecast. The applet has all details you expect from a widget – cloud cover, humidity and chances of rainfall, wind speed among others, but in a pleasant and simple UI.

Calendar Widget – Month

Month is a calendar widget that has over 90 themes to fit with your wallpaper, or icon set or the launcher that you are using.

The widget gives you an option to make your view of the month full page or reduce the size to be more suitable to Agenda view so that you only see your schedule.

Battery Widget – Battery Widget Reborn

Battery Widget Reborn is a widget that lets you keep an eye on our battery while also providing options for you to prolong your battery life.

The widget is a simple 1 x 1 circle with a number inside. You can then change the number to your battery percentage or to the estimated time left based on your current usage.

Stocks Widget – Investing.com Stock Exchange

Stock market investing is very popular right now, and if you are into it, you want to keep track of the changing market prices.

The Investing.com widget is just the app to keep you on track with the prices. The widget lets you search for stocks on over 70 global exchanges and keep track of multiple of them. Those that you track then automatically get added to the widget, which you can resize to full screen. You then get to view as the prices update in real time.

Widgets are a blessing that make life much easier and the more options you have, the better your smartphone experience will be.

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