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4 Apps to Help Make Life Easier for the Elderly

by Roveen Anyango
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During the start of the modern technological age in the 90s, it seemed as though people beyond a certain age would just never care about technology at all. This seemed to be the case even as modern smartphones began in 2007 with the LG Prada and the Apple iPhone 2G. The older among us thought that touch was just too difficult.

Fast forward to 2022 and the seniors among us are just as into technology as we are. They enjoy the internet as much as the rest of us. Knowing this, developers are creating apps to help the elderly navigate the smartphone smoothly.

Here are four best apps for the elderly.

Magnifying Glass + Flashlight

Statistics show that one in every three people above 65 experience some form of reduced visibility.

This then means that the senior has trouble reading small writing on physical items. Like for example food labelling or packaging, restaurant menus and so on.

The Magnifying Glass + Flashlight app uses your phone camera to zoom in on whatever you point it at, magnify it and turn on the light to illuminate what you want to read.

Pill Reminder Pro

The Pill Reminder Pro is a health app that reminds one to take their medication on time.

When signing up for the app, you will enter the name of the pill, dosage, frequency and the time of day to take the medication. The apps will then send a push-alert reminder when the time to take the medication comes.

LastPass: Your Password manager

We all need a password manager regardless of age. But seniors will especially find this app useful due to their very shortened memory.

LastPass improves your phone security by creating unique and strong passwords for you, then storing them in a private vault. You will then create only one password for the vault, the master password if you will. So, you will only need to keep in mind one password.


Audible is an app that provides audiobooks. It will particularly be of help to seniors wanting to read but suffering from poor vision a great alternative.

The app, which gives you a free trial before subscription, features excellent narration and a wide variety of books to choose from.

All the above apps are compatible with both the Android and IOS platforms, though you can find some that are only for IOS.

Seniors can now enjoy the full range of the smartphone experience and life thanks to these brilliant apps.

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