4 Apps to Help You Learn Something New

After two years of being in survival mode due to the COVID-19 pandemic, life is slowly beginning to pick up again. However, rather than revert to what it was before, this pandemic period has led to an awakening in people.

This awakening is what is leading people to try their best to live their best life, as the realization that life is short has hit hard. Below then, are some apps to help you pick up a new hobby and make the best of your life.

Note: all apps are iOS and Android compatible.


Masterclass is arguably the best place to learn anything that you want and from the very best in the industry. Want to learn screenwriting for TV? Well Masterclass with Shonda Rhymes (Grey’s Anatomy). Want to learn acting? Masterclass with Samuel L Jackson.

The app features over 70 classes with professionals from various field, with each class having 24 video lessons. So, if you want a new hobby, then Masterclass is the app for you.


Perhaps you have a love for coding. If so, then Mimo is the app perfect for you. Perfectly suited for beginners, the app gives you be basics of coding in digestible, bite-sized exercises and project-based lessons.

You get a range of coding language, from mobile and web development (Swift, HTML, CSS and more), to programming and data science (Python, C# and more). You also get modules on AI, blockchain, browser tracking and more, all set to a beginner’s level.

Gaia GPS

If you are an outdoorsy type and are looking to get into hiking, then Gaia GPS has got your back. The app gives you breathtaking and safe hiking routes around your area to explore.

The app gives you a trail and provides you with its length, rating from other users and difficult level, all important knowledge you need to know before setting out on your way. The GPS gives you a detailed look into any given route, including major landmarks on the route like mountains, ridges, lakes and rivers and even campsites.


Podcasts are all the wave right now and if you also want to get in on it, then Anchor is the app for you.

Anchor is a tool that lets you record, edit and publish your podcasts. However, its best feature is that it teaches you the major details of production. So, you learn both the technical and conceptual aspects of doing podcasts including narrowing down to the topic, choosing the right recording equipment and structuring the show among other necessary information. Aside from that, the app will also host and distribute your podcast for free.

Additional apps and websites can be found here. So, don’t be afraid of doing something new. it’s the best way to live life in these uncertain times.

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