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4 Best Apps to Listen to Podcasts

by Roveen Anyango
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Podcasts had a relatively normal existence before the pandemic. However, after many people were homebound, there was a need for a variety of entertainment. And podcasts became one of the ways for people to beat the boredom of being stuck at home. Thus, the spike in podcast listening is hardly surprising.

Now, you cannot walk a few feet without meeting someone who either identifies as a podcaster or someone listening to a podcast. Naturally, then, like movie buffs love streams of their favorite movies, podcast listeners also now look for the best audio platforms to consume podcasts.

Below are some of the best platforms.

Google Podcasts

Google podcasts may not be well known in mainstream but it provides an extensive catalog of podcasts from every conceivable category.

The app gives you recommendations, an easy to track listening history, downloads and subscriptions. This way, you find it easier to find the next episode or continue where you left off. And the best part is that all this is free!

Amazon Music

Amazon has infiltrated every conceivable online space, from online marketplace to streaming platforms and now, audio platforms.

Amazon Music gives your music and podcasts all for free, though with ads on the free version.

Amazon Music gives you a catalogue of 70,000 shows that you can listen to.


This free to download and listen podcast app gives you over 20 million podcasts and over 50o subtopics for you to choose from, which helps narrow down your options to the best stuff for you. Furthermore, it also gives you video podcasts for those who like visual stimulation to go along with their auditory stimulation.

The app, available on both IOS and Android, is free, but comes with ads. An ad-free subscription costs $39.99 yearly, or $3.99 monthly.


PodBean is also a free podcast listening app that provides you with great audio experience that other podcasts. The app allows you to boost the volume to compensate for subpar audio quality or for better listening in a noisy environment.

Furthermore, you can also listen to your favorite shows on live stream and interact directly with the podcast hosts.

These apps, and many more, enhance the podcast experience to new heights that will make each listening more memorable.

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