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4 Effective Ways to be More Resilient

by Roveen Anyango
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Life is a series of stressful events which we always need to find a way to navigate through. While some of us cope well, others might find the stressful events to traumatic. This article explains effective ways to be more resilient.

This is where the need to be resilient comes in. Resilience is the capacity to cope with and pick yourself up in face of adversity. Resilience is an important part of living well because it is what ultimately makes you overcome adversity.

Here then are four ways to be more resilient.

Practice Acceptance

The thing about stressful events is that the more time we spend worrying about them, the worse our emotional state becomes. We become even more stressed because we are stressed about a stressful event.

Therefore, to become more resilient, the first thing to do it to accept the situation. Accept that things are tough; accept that you lost that battle. Don’t practice toxic positivity as that would only make things worse.

Once you have accepted the situation –

Be Proactive

You will not achieve much if you accept the situation then just sit duck. Instead, take action; be proactive and face your problems.

Begin by questioning why you failed or encountered the stressful event. Then, create a plan on how to do better. Once the plan is in place, begin executing that plan to get you out of the situation.

And to overcome bad situations, you can’t do it alone.

Build Social Connections

The saying ‘If you want to go fast, go alone, but if you want to go further, go together’ applies here.

Resilience is not about recovering fast from a beat down. Rather, it is about recovering well and going further than where you were when you failed. Therefore, build social relationships and be connected to people around you. they provide you will the support you need (emotional, physical or even financial) as you figure your way out.

Learn from Mistakes

As you pick yourself up, take lessons on what you did wrong to lead you in that situation and ensure that you don’t repeat the same mistake again. Learning from experience means that you pick up on coping skills and strategies that helped you previously and applying them to future events. This way, you develop a positive and bullish attitude as you encounter problems, putting you in pole position to overcoming any challenges.

However, as you do so, and still find that you are unable to overcome challenges in your life, then consider seeking professional advice, say from a mental health professional.

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