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4 Essential tips to Improve your Communication Skills

by Evalyne Ndanu
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If you are like me, you probably want to be a better communicator. You want to be a good listener, active and still putting your points across with empathy, Confidence and Politeness. While working on these qualities, you may have asked yourself what is truly takes to better you Communication. Here are 4 Essential tips to Improve your Communication Skills.


In human interactions, there is need for honesty. The truth will always set you free. You will find conversations flowing with much more ease because you are being honest. Lying actually requires effort and keeping tabs with what you lied about and to who you lied. Too much work goes into dishonesty.

Why not choose to be honest. Besides, do you know that other people can usually tell when you are being dishonest and when your stories aren”t adding up. Additionally, being truthful while giving feedback is helpful in communication. Gas lighting someone with lies is counter productive, when they realise you lied it will affect even your relationship.

Be honest in your conversations.


One of the 4 Essential tips to Improve your Communication Skills is Authenticity. Authenticity is originality. It is being yourself and not trying to be anyone else. Why should you even try to be someone else? Everybody is taken, better remain true to yourself.

Authenticity encompasses your behaviour, beliefs and attitudes. It sets you apart which will tend to draw people to you. Currently with influence all around, social media, television, finding real is not easy. So learn to keep it real. Genuine people improve communication and create better trust with their audience.

Powerful phrases for Effective Communication


Integrity involves having moral principles and sticking to them. It is an admirable quality In communication. Moreover, it means that what you are talking about is verified and true. Ever been in a conversation and the other party was arguing with myths and misconceptions?

You want to give verifiable and correct information while conversing. It therefore is helpful to maintain Integrity across your communication. Additionally it means that you do not participate in Gossip and Bad-mouthing others, These character traits are unattractive and ruin trust.


Lastly, one of the Essential tips to Improve your Communication Skills is Love. Communication with love. Love is genuinely being caring, concerned and interested in the well-being of the person you are communicating with.

As Humans, we are created for relationships and we naturally gravitate towards people we love and who love us. Give love vibes in your communication. Make use of reassuring and encouraging words and compliments. In addition, love goes the extra mile that even words cannot reach.

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