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4 Life Lessons to Pick from Entrepreneurs

by Roveen Anyango
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Entrepreneurship has been on the rise in the recent past and is now a major part of our lives. There is a very high likelihood that there is a budding entrepreneur within a two-mile radius of where you are.

But what makes entrepreneurship, and more crucially, entrepreneurs, fascinating is that they span different walks of life, different industries, generations and cultures, this means that they have a lot to teach us. Below are some fascinating lessons from entrepreneurs teach us.

Critical thinking is crucial

Entrepreneurship often calls for the best versions of ourselves and none is more crucial to the process of entrepreneurship than critical thinking. You need to think critically on your business idea, on how to market, and attract customers and analyze the deep roots of problems.

In life, as in entrepreneurship, you are also more likely to succeed if you also think critically about your actions, about your career, and your relationships. Much like how the entrepreneur doesn’t leave anything to chance, you shouldn’t also leave your life to chance.

Failure is part of the journey

Many entrepreneurs never make it in their first attempt. In fact, many don’t even make it in their first business, product or service. As an entrepreneur, failing is often simply part of the lessons learned – you learn what not to do/what to do, what products/services you are interested/not interested in selling/providing, how to run your account and so on. Once the lesson is learned, you go back to the drawing board and try again

In life, this lesson means that you do not take failure to heart but rather, take the classes from it and keep going.

Be on the lookout for new opportunities

Many entrepreneurs often talk about ‘filling a gap in the market’. This often means that they are on the lookout for new opportunities where their businesses will fit by solving a problem.

The same is true with life. To live your life to the fullest, be on the lookout for new, better opportunities, look out for careers where you will fit easily, and places where you will go to solve a problem. If you do not look out for better opportunities for yourself, you risk stagnation.

Proper management

As an entrepreneur, you will often need to do a lot during the early days of your business or start-up. Entrepreneurship demands a lot from you, and thus, you need proper management – of time, resources, etc.– to get the best out of it. You will need to become a better planner, and better decision-maker and know how to allocate your resources best. All these skills are also crucial in other parts of life, where you need all these for the best outcome in anything you do.

Entrepreneurs have a lot to teach us besides how to run a business and so be on the lookout for the less obvious lessons from entrepreneurs.

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