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4 Must-do Things Before Opening a Social Media Page for Your Business

by Roveen Anyango
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By now, it has become a given that any new business will create a social media page to maximize the huge number of people who now spend much of their day online. And indeed, social media pages can turn a company from an obscure entity into a well-known brand, perhaps even pushing it internationally.

However, what many newcomers into the business don’t get is the amount of time and effort that goes into creating a page. Below we look at 4 important things to consider before opening a social media page for your business.

Define your target audience

This might seem like a no brainer, but it is increasingly becoming common for companies to just open social media accounts because it is something you are supposed to do.

However, if you want success, ask yourself these questions: Who are you targeting? Are you targeting people based on location? If so, how far do you want to reach? What is their age range?

These questions help you open a social media page tailored to whom you want to reach.

Have valuable content

It is not just enough to have a social media page. And it is also not just enough to share your product on the social media page.

Content marketing has become a powerful tool online. This is where you create a narrative around your product to resonate with your target audience. Content marketing should always be value-oriented. This means that your audience needs to resonate with your product beyond just what it does for them. Your product/service should align with the values of your customers.

What is the goal?

Each company gets to social media with the same general goal – to reach a wider audience online. But, you also need a strategy and goal suited to your company.

What are you hoping to achieve on social media? Do you want more sales? More brand visibility? Are you looking to attract talent? Or are you seeking investors? Knowing what you want specifically allows you to tailor-make your content marketing to reach your wanted target.

Metric of success

Now, once you have established your social media page, what will you consider as a success on the platform. Do you consider success by follower count? Or maybe will it be engagements on every single post, reply or share? Or could it be by the traffic driven from the social media page to your website?

These things allow you to stop shooting in the dark and instead, know what you are doing to set yourself on the right path to success.

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