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4 of The Best Apps to Help Find Your Friends

by Roveen Anyango
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Throughout the course of humanity, people going missing has been a major problem. Most often, many will return home safe after a few hours, days or even months away. Other times, though, the end is not always so happy.

However, tech has become a great tool to keep tabs on the goings on of our loved ones. Indeed, these apps are specifically designed to help us keep tabs on our loved ones and where they are going. Below are some of the Best Apps to Help Find Your Friends!

Find My Friends

This app is built specifically for iOS devices but is one of the most popular mobile apps for keeping taps on your friends.

The app works even when the iPhone of your loved one is off, has no connection or has been erased. With this app, you share your location with your loved one indefinitely. That way, each time they get into the app, they track your movements.

Family Locator

Family Locator

The Family Locator app is available on both Android and iOS and is mostly used by parents who want to monitor the location of their children at all times.

The app provides the parent or guardian with an alert when their child reaches a given location. Additionally, the app has an SOS button for the guardian. When pressed, flags the location of their children on the map. This is a useful feature for when the family is in large public spaces, where children tend to wander off on their own.


Life360, also available on both Android and iOS, and works like the above apps. You share your location using ‘Circles’, which has a private map and private messaging service which only members of the Circle can see. This means that you and your family or friends can create circles where you only share locations with each other and not necessarily anyone in your contact who has the app.

Additionally, you can also choose when to share your location. Perhaps you might want to share your location when on a night out but not during the rest of the week. So, you can do just that on this app. This is one of the  Best Apps to Help Find Your Friends.

Google Maps

Google Maps offers a convenient way to share your location with a loved one through its easy to find location sharing feature.

Google Maps

All you have to do is open the Google Maps, tap on your profile in the upper right corner. Choose Location Sharing in your options list. You then also get to choose where to share your location.

Note however, that location sharing should be used to ensure the safety of your loved ones and not to stalk them. The goal is to ensure they are where they intended to be.

For more on this, Makeuseof.com has you covered.

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