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4 Online Libraries Where You Can Get Free Ebooks

by Roveen Anyango
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Let’s face it, reading books in the current world of tech is a tough ask even for the most avid of readers. Indeed, as a reader myself, while I still read physical books a lot, it is a definite drop from how voraciously I read as a teenager. However, that still doesn’t mean that reading has to stop since we have online library. If you are still a bookworm, and are adapting to the changing times, you are definitely reading eBooks. Below are some libraries that will provide you with some free eBooks for your thirsty mind.

Project Gutenberg

This online library was from a project that was started in 1971, aiming to digitize books and cultural works. To this day, the library has over 60,000 books that you can download for free and read online. The books are accessed through software on the site itself, meaning you won’t need an eBook or PDF reader to access the titles.

You can narrow your search by popularity, author, title language and even file type. On top of that, you also get audiobooks, music and pictures.

Open Library

Open Library is a eLibrary which focuses on lending books. It was started as a site that aimed to preserve interesting books and websites among other digital assets.

To be able to borrow books from Open Library, all you need is to create an account. You then gain access to every genre, from art to sci-fi, from romance to medicine. With over 1.6 million titles, you do not have a lack of options. You can search for the title, author or other criteria on its search bar.

Google eBookstore

Google eBookstore offers you a variety of free books as long as you create an account. However, some free eBooks might require you to have an existing account with a payment method though they will not charge anything from your account.

This library however, will mostly provide you will public-domain books. This means you will most likely find old titles. You will also need to narrow your selection to Free Google eBooks’ which leads you to the page that has the free, public domain book.

Internet Archive

Considered the largest digital library in existence, the Internet Archive features over 32 million eBook titles. It also has over 500 billion web pages, along with millions of videos, audio files and software programs.

The range of knowledge that you will find here will take you all the way back to the early 90s, and will be information unlikely to be available anywhere else. Reviews help you learn what books are worth your time and after registration, you can upload eBooks and other files to your collection.

These and many more libraries mean that as a bookworm, you never have to let go of your passion even as you spend countless hours on your phone.

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