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4 Productivity Tips to Get you back on Track When You Fall Behind

by Roveen Anyango
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Being productive is something that we can sometimes take for granted and it only becomes evident when we fall behind on projects and deadlines.

Productivity has been made harder with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, which has seen things slow down significantly and thus, resulting in a drop in productivity. Below then, we look at tips from productivity experts to help you get back to being productive.

Ask for Help

Often, when we become overwhelmed, we feel as though we need to sort everything ourselves lest we become failures.

However, sometimes you are not able to do everything on your own. Asking for help is one way to continue being productive. And not just asking for help, but asking for help on time.

Asking for help allows for someone else to take some burden off your shoulders and, with two heads working on a project, you are able to be productive.

Shrink the Project Load

Working on large projects will often be draining because of the sheer magnitude of the task. For example, writing a novel is a long daunting task that can overwhelm even the most committed writer.

However, when the writer breaks down the project into, say, writing a chapter at a time, with time, they have the whole book written.

So, break down your project into small, manageable pieces then time yourself in completing these small projects. With time, you are able to complete the task without risking falling further behind.

Keep calm

Keep your mind calm so that you master stress management, resiliency, time and task management.

All four are key to completing any task, and more so when you have fallen behind. So, when you fall behind, rather than panicking, take some time to calm yourself. Once you are calm, begin to get the most urgent tasks completed before working your way to the least urgent tasks.

Communicate effectively and quickly

If your work is with a group, the first thing when you fall behind schedule is to communicate quickly and effectively with the team. Let them know that work is behind schedule and thus, everyone needs to adjust to the new timeline.

If you are working alone and falling behind on schedule, communicate with the client quickly before they begin worrying. Explain to them why you are falling behind and how far you are with the project. Then, inform them of the new timeline so that you put their mind at ease.

Falling behind on schedule can often be damaging to our morale. However, as long as it is not a bad habit you have, it is only natural to fall behind, but bouncing back is critical.

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