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4 Reasons Why Personal Branding on Social Media Important

by Roveen Anyango
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Personal branding is becoming all the rage right now on social media. From traditional celebrities to normal everyday folks with a large following, everyone is leveraging their social media following to build a personal brand.

But why is building a personal brand so important for people with high engagements on social media? The following are major reasons why.

Builds Trust

Your personal brand tells people what you do and why you do what you do. In this way, it helps you connect more with people of similar interests, which allows for you to develop trust with them.

In short, your personal branding is what will attract your community to you.

You gain name recognition

We all often want to be recognized for one reason or another. When you think of Oprah Winfrey, for example, what comes to mind? whatever you associate her with, that’s her personal brand.

Thus, personal branding helps you gain recognition among people who associate more with you and what you do. If you are a business coach, personal branding attracts people with business interests to you without you needing to introduce yourself.


Since your personal brand attracts people to you, you will network easily. Personal branding is all about building a reputation and your reputation is what then leads to positive influence and therefore, referrals from people who trust you.

These networks all become easier to make when you create a name for yourself as being the best at what you do.

You Build Credibility

Personal branding lets you establish yourself as the leading voice in your field. When you create the impression that you are an expert in your field, and you attract people of similar interest to you, then people beyond your field will take note and begin to turn to you for help in your area of specialization.

Your business sells itself

The main reason for personal branding is to be able to sell people something and once you create a certain perception of yourself positively in people’s minds; once you build trust, credibility and networks, then you will have no difficulty selling your businesses. All that will be leveraged by your personal brand.

Personal branding is a precious asset to grow your business dramatically. In the social media age, it is no longer just enough to advertise your business. You need to show the authentic human face of that business, hence why personal branding is critical.

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