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4 Tips to Help You Relieve Stress

by Roveen Anyango
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The holiday period is often a time for indulging and having fun. For the most part, it is a wonderful time of the year, where we get to meet and be with our loved ones for extended periods, have fun, eat food and go on long vacations.

But there is no doubt that this period is also among the most stressful period of the year. The time is often high-pressure, pressure to be with family, pressure to spend money we might not have, and so on. It results in stress.

So, below we look at ways you can reduce stress.

Avoid overspending

It is often tempting to want to spend more than you have in a bid to make the festive season more memorable. Yet surveys have found that 61 percent of stresses over the festive season will often be about finances.

So, to reduce the stress you put yourself under, set a budget and stick to it. Also, make one financial decision at a time so that you can keep track of your spending. For example, buy a Christmas tree and its decorations in one purchase, then buy gifts and other items in separate purchases.

Take some time to be alone

The holidays are a time to be with our loved ones and that’s great. However, if you feel overwhelmed by all the commotion that comes with the festivities, do not be afraid to take off some time to be on your own.

You could schedule a massage after that family gathering, or take a walk frequently each evening after spending the day with your family.

Volunteer work

If you are a person struggling with mental health, the festive season can worsen the situation due to its high-pressure situation.

So, doing volunteer work can help you manage your depression and social anxiety much better. Volunteer work is often in abundance during the festive season. So, if you are lonely or feeling depressed and anxious, volunteer work can do you some good, while also helping you form social connections with people who share a common trait of compassion with you.

Seek professional help

There is nothing wrong with asking for professional help if you feel overwhelmed during the festive season.

If you are constantly anxious, feeling hopeless, and lonely, talk to a mental health professional. At the end of the day, having someone to speak to and someone who listens, even if they are getting paid for it, helps relieve some of the pressure building during this season.

No matter where the holiday season finds you, always ensure you work on relieving your stresses frequently.

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