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4 Websites That Are Great for Keeping Your Privacy

by Roveen Anyango
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In the modern day of the internet, our personal information has become big business. Everyone, everywhere, all at once, is trying to watch you and keep tabs on what you do. Facebook company has gotten into trouble for abusing its power and breaching private data.

Thus, many people have sought to maintain some degree of control over their data, but unfortunately enabling private settings on browsers like Chrome or Edge isn’t enough to reduce your online footprint.

What you need are new browsers built for the purpose of reducing your online footprint as much as possible. These are the browsers that are great for keeping your privacy:


The Onion Router is a browser started by the America military as a way to enabling anonymous browsing. Tor was soon made public and is now one of the best websites to protect user location, personal data and browser history.

Tor sends your internet data through several relays and tunnels; thus, making it hard for data tracking bots to track your information. Think of it like having to chase someone through a maze. Soon, you give up chasing them. Thus, Tor makes your data so hard to catch with data trackers.


DuckDuckGo is a great option and one of the best anonymous browsers that you can find. In fact, it has extensions for Chrome and Firefox, meaning that you can use the usual browsers but with DuckDuckGo features enables.

This browser keeps your browsing history completely hidden and blocks any kind of advertisements. It also provides HTTPS protocol when need be for enhanced data protection


Brave is a web browser built to look like and behave like Chrome. But, it does not collect your personal data online, thus guaranteeing that you remain private.

The browser has a feature called ‘Brave Rewards’, which allows you to anonymously ‘pay’ content creators on the site that you visit. To ‘pay’ the creators, you get to watch non-intrusive ads which Brave itself curates and that don’t infringe on your privacy.

Epic Browser

This browser isn’t as specialized as Tor in that it uses complex networks to make your data inaccessible, rather, it disables most of the ways your data is compromised on normal browsers.

So, this means that it doesn’t save your browsing history and has no DNS pre-fetching. It also does not allow third-party cookies and has no autofill feature. All these and more, make Epic one of the anonymous browsers to look for.

Now, note that these browsers hide your identity to stop data and identity theft. While terrible things take place through these sites, most of the browsing done here are normal, daily browsing, only with your privacy protected. Thus, don’t try to use it for any illegal activities as you still leave some digital footprints which authorities are more than capable of fetching.

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