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5 Best Language Learning Apps in 2021

by Roveen Anyango
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Do you want to learn a new language, all without incurring class lesson fees? Well, there are now apps to help you with that. In this blog, we have listed the 5 Best Language Learning Apps in 2021.

Learning a new language has never been easy, but as an adult, it becomes even harder. Children will easily pick up a new language by listening, then speaking, but as an adult, it becomes harder, either due to lack of time, resources or a social life, because of course learning a new language also requires meeting new people.

However, with advances in technology over the past few years, learning a new language has never been easier. Being bilingual or even multilingual, is fast becoming a necessity in the world today. Globalization and the advances in technology means that we now interact with people beyond our immediate environment. We even get opportunities to study and work abroad, thus necessitating us to learn new languages.

And luckily, the advances in tech that have allowed us to become a global village have also created a way for us to learn new languages for easier communication.

Today, many people own a smartphone and thus, mobile app development means that learning a new language is only an arm’s length away – literally.

So, listed below are some of the best apps to learn a new language on in 2021.



Considered one of the best language learning apps out there, Babbel provides you with an opportunity to learn multiple languages at relatively low prices (with yearly premiums of $75). The subscription-based platform has both PC and mobile apps which lets you learn a new language at your own pace.

Babbel also offers interactive exercises, which include live virtual classes with top language tutors, with a session being about 15 minutes long. The app also offers you words in your new language that are used in everyday conversations, with audio on how to pronounce the words.


Next up is a language called Busuu, which features courses on 12 major languages, with ranges from beginner to upper-intermediate.

The UK-based app lets you choose where you want to begin, with a placement test also available if you have some prior knowledge of the language you are learning. Additionally, the app checks for your main goal of learning the new language, thus, tailor-making the lessons for you.

The app features a lot of interactive activities, grammar explanations of the language you are learning as well as teaching you phrases and vocabulary relevant in everyday conversations in the target language. Busuu also features fun activities such as spelling and matching words to images.

Once done, you also get reviews on your work from other learners, which is a critical feature when learning a new language.

Starting at just $ 7.46 per month, the app is one of the most affordable language learning apps out there.



Learning a new language should be fun, and no app adds more fun to the process than Duolingo.

The striking thing about Duolingo first and foremost is its colorful interface with exercises that mimic games.

The app offers lessons in up to 30 languages, from the popular ones like Spanish, French to more obscure ones like Latin and Scottish Gaelic. What’s even more fun is that even fictional languages like Klingon from Star Trek, are available!

The app offers you several varieties of courses that fit into your learning schedule, from casual (5 minutes a day) to intense (20 minutes a day).

While the app is free, the premium subscription goes for $7 per month, offering an ad-free experience and lessons that you can download.


Probably the most unique app of all the above, iTalki offers conversational lessons to improve your vocabulary in the second language you are learning.

The app designs its lessons as free-flowing conversations between the student and tutor, which then means that you ought to be ready to talk.

This app can best the used by people with some reading and writing skills in the second language and want to improve how they speak it. Thus, if you are yet to begin learning the new language or are a little timid in speaking, then avoid this app.

Prices for this app vary depending on the tutor you get, though the average is about $ 13.

Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone is probably the most well-known and most reliable apps on this list. The app offers over 30-year experience in language learning.

Rosseta Stone: Best Language Learning Apps in 2021

The thing about Rosetta Stone is that it offers no translations, with all your lessons being in your target language. This is great because studies have shown that using the target language improves the speed at which you learn it.

The app offers interactive lessons, though they are quite challenging, and also provides high-quality audio, which you can use to improve your pronunciation in the target language. The app is the best for committed learners, offering longer lessons and more detailed learning structures.

The app is the most expensive on this list, with monthly subscriptions starting at $16.

So there you go. As we see, the apps all offer different services, but all with the same end goal in mind. Thus, choosing the right app is all down to how much effort you want to put in. And with such choices abound, you are unlikely to go wrong with these 5 Best Language Learning Apps in 2021.

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