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5 Tips on How to Build a Growth Mindset

by Roveen Anyango
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Being successful often takes a lot of work that we may often not be aware of until the successful person tells us of it.

Successful people build their skill through hard work, perseverance and persistence. But in order to continue doing that, they often begin by working on their mindset. And if you want to be successful too, you need to work on your mindset.

Therefore, here are some tips on building a growth mindset to help you build your success story.

Acknowledge imperfections

Whenever we set out to do something, we are often overly critical of ourselves in ways that hold us back. We think that we are not good-looking enough, smart enough to make it.

However, in order to build a growth mindset, you need to let go of the obsession of being perfect and instead, embrace your humanity. This helps you focus on maximizing your strengths.

Develop a sense of purpose

Do you feel purpose-driven? Each morning when you wake up, do you feel happy that you are working towards something fulfilling?

Pursue things that give you joy. Having a purpose allows you develop a mindset that then makes you look forward to exploring new things, which allows for growth.

Change your view of failure

Since childhood, we are often taught that failure is the worst thing that we can do to ourselves and others.

However, the reality is that failure is part of life. In fact, there is no growth without failure. This is because learning involves doing new things, and not getting them right the first time is part of the process. If you want to develop a growth mindset, be open to doing new things and failing. Look at failure as a learning opportunity.

Understand your limitations

A growth mindset means that you set very high goals for yourself. However, don’t take this as a sign to set extremely high and unrealistic goals for yourself.

Not understanding your limitations will have you try to accomplish things that you cannot yet achieve, which sets you up for repeated disappointment. Instead, set high goals, but be realistic about them based on your situation and ability.

Focus on the journey

Speed is not important. Growth is a long journey, so, rather than try to accomplish things fast, focus more on the process, no matter how long it takes.

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