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Advantages and Disadvantages of Everything as a Service (XaaS)

by Evalyne Ndanu
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As servitization of technology increases, XaaS is constantly becoming an unstoppable force. It is important to be aware that there are Advantages and Disadvantages of Everything as a Service (XaaS).

Advantages of XaaS

Reduced and Predictable Expenses. Companies and businesses do not have to incur costs of buying software, hardware, servers and any more aspects required to create a network that fits their needs. Because of the ‘Pay as you Use’ aspect, the businesses can be able to tell how much they will be required to pay over a duration of time. Most XaaS also have subscriptions, making cost prediction very reliable.

Scalability. Scalability is the ability to adapt in regards to growth and increased demand.. If for example a company needs to scale up on its resources, it’s easy on XaaS and nothing needs to be declared obsolete as would be the case for Traditional IT Solutions.

Flexibility. As the market changes whether for better or worse, so does the needs of a business. XaaS offers businesses this sort of flexibility. Businesses are able to level up or down, change subscriptions, change packages, bring on board new applications.

Data. XaaS allows access to large storage capacities. Businesses can store their data safely. This data can be analyzed and used in prediction of future trends and better decision making. This will give them an upper hand in delivering the best to their customers and being competitive in the market.

Efficient and Convenient. On the XaaS model, many of the updates occur automatically. This relieves pressure off the businesses and saves time for the employees. The employees no longer need to be concerned about updates and can direct the energy and time towards other tasks.

Better Security. With increased cybersecurity attacks, many businesses are becoming victims of hackers and cyber-criminals. XaaS provides better security and takes the responsibility off the hands of the business.

Backup and Recovery. With XaaS models, the data is constantly backed up and protected. In case of any data loss, it is easier recoverable in the XaaS model. This gives a peace of mind regards data to the businesses.



Disadvantages of XaaS

The cons of XaaS include: Downtime, Performance issues, and Lack of extensive customization.

Downtime. In the XaaS model, there can be issues of internet reliability. If XaaS servers go down, it affects their usability and users cannot access some resources. Mostly, XaaS providers can guarantee services through SLAs.

Performance issues. Because of many users, the bandwidth, latency, data storage, and retrieval times can suffer. The system can be slowed down. Integration and performance issues can thus be present.

Lack of extensive customization. Most of the XaaS models do not accommodate extensive customization. They come as standard services and the need for customization increases the costs involved.

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