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Apps that will make your life easier

by Evalyne Ndanu
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We are being bombarded by activities and things to do from every direction in life. Innovations and particularly in Mobile applications have stepped in to solve problems and make our lives easier. Here are some apps which will make your life easier.


In a time where we have so many activities to do and notes to catch up on, we need an app like Evernote. Evernote brings together our notes, to-do lists, schedules, ideas, plans and photos we need to attach together. It is able to connect to our Google calendar and allow us to stay aware of all we need to get done and catch up on.



Mint allows to create budgets and tracking of financial situations. It allows us tracking of transactions on all of one’s accounts at once. Mint gives you a good overview of your expenses and your income. It ultimately allows you to save money.



Zoom allows you to do video meetings from anywhere in the world. With Zoom you are allowed access to quality video and audio. It also allows screen sharing and cross- platform instant messaging.


Microsoft Word.

Microsoft Word allows us to create documents, edit them, share them and collaborate on projects with others.

Microsoft Word

Google Drive.

Google Drive allows us to have our documents,  files, scans, photographs all within easy reach. It allows life to be stress-free. Your files are safe on Google Drive and since it is a cloud storage platform, it can be accesses from anywhere anytime. Google Drive lets you invite others to edit, view and comment.

Google Drive

Music adds beauty to our lives. Spotify allows us access to diverse genres of music. It automatically creates playlists for us. Spotify also has access to podcasts for free. You can steam music and podcasts easily.


Google maps.

Google maps gives us directions, notifies us of traffic and suggests the best routes for us to take. It can be used when traveling by foot, bike, car, rail or even public transport. Its provides 360 degrees panoramic views of streets. It is a great navigation tool.

Google maps

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