Apps to Help Strengthen Your Relationship

The saying these days is that social media and tech advancements have ruined romantic relationships.

Indeed, the ultra-digitized world we live in can leave us feeling dissatisfied in our relationship due to the belief that we can get someone better due to options we see on social media. Or, it can take so much of our time that we do not put enough effort in our relationship, thus resulting in the intimacy fading.

However, tech has also come to the rescue with these apps that help build and cement intimacy. Here are a few apps to consider if you and your partner want to strengthen your romantic partnership.

(Note that these apps are not a replacement for actual physical effort but are merely an addition to it).

Happy Couple

This quiz app helps couples find out more about each other, by helping them understand how the other is thinking and feeling, helping strengthen the already existing bond between you and your partner.

The quizzes are customizable to make them even more personal and intimate.


This app is designed for people in marriages as it is a marriage counselling app that gives you and your spouse guided counselling courses.

The app covers topics around communication, conflict and emotional connection. Both you and your partner will download the Lasting app then connect through a code. This allows you see your partner’s response and you can even compare scores and chat on the app.

Couple Game

A more fun and relaxed app, Couple Game aims to strengthen you and your partner’s partnership through quizzes to know who knows the other best. The quizzes also include many delicate areas that are a major cause of strain in relationships like finances.

As a fun game, it allows you and your partner to navigate tough topics but in an easy and laid back way, thus helping you bond much strongly and be more secure in the relationship.

Raft: Couple & Family Calendar

Raft comes to the rescue of couples by helping in the stressful task of, say planning a date around two different schedules. The app synchs your schedule with your partner’s for easier planning. You can also add your friends too.

The above apps and many others go to show that relationships cannot only survive the current internet craze, but can indeed thrive.

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