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Best Affordable Tech Gifts for the Holiday Season

by Roveen Anyango
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The holiday season is upon us, meaning that many of us are now running up and down thinking of what gift to buy our loved ones.

Below, then, we look at some of the affordable Tech gifts that you can get a loved one or even a co-worker for Christmas.

Bluetooth Speakers

Mini-Bluetooth speakers are all the rage right now, with many people finding them convenient and without the risk of ear damage of earphones.

So, you could look at the Anker SoundCore if you want an affordable branded product or if you want to shop higher, then the JBL Charge 5 or Anker Motion Boom.

Other options include smart speakers like the Amazon Echo or Google Nest Mini.

Security Key

Online security is a concern for many people who use the internet and you can show that you value your loved one’s online security by getting the two-factor authentication security key.

The security key comes as a USB flash drive, either USB-A, USB-C, or lightning. The USB key has chips inside it which contain codes and protocols all of which connect to online servers to verify that you are the person accessing the device the USB is plugged into.

The USB also verifies the websites you visit to ensure they are legit. So this will be a priceless holiday gift.

Video Game Console

Is your loved one a gamer? Then how about getting them a new video game console. With the PS5 still envied for many gamers, you can surprise your loved one with one if they have always admired one but been unable to get it.

If that’s too high, how about the Xbox Series S. Or, do they prefer portable consoles? If yes, then the Nintendo Switch is a perfect gift. However, before settling, also check on game availability and affordability.

Wireless Headsets/earphones

Truly great wireless headsets and earphones can perform several functions at once – listen to music, pick calls and be an accessory when playing games, all while maintaining great sound quality.

From JBL to Logitec, from Apple Earbuds to Samsung, the options are endless. No doubt that whoever you will gift with a pair will appreciate you for it.

The best thing about tech gifts is that they will always be in season and you will always get options.

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