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Best Free Video Streaming Services for You

by Roveen Anyango
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Video streaming has become a critical part of our lives, replacing the previously venerated cable TV and other services as the go-to source of entertainment.

However, many of the video streaming sites come with a subscription, which might not be a great choice for, say, someone who only streams periodically. Why pay the full price for a service you only use once in a while?

Below, then, are free video streaming services for you. These streaming services, rather than subscription, are instead, ad-supported.

1.    Plex

Let’s begin with the new kid on the block. Plex is a free video streaming service which includes over 200 individual channels of programming, from movies, TV shows, reality TV, news, sports, documentaries and music channels.

This service features an intuitive interface that you will love and has an ever-growing library of content so you never run out. However, the downside with this streaming service is that it offers shows from other streaming services like Crackle so it has few exclusive shows.

2.   Tubi

This free streaming site is well designed to hold an impressive estimated 20,000 movies and series. This means that try as you might, you will never run out something to watch on Tubi.

Additionally, setting Tubi up doesn’t require you to set up an account, meaning that you can plug and play. However, setting up an account allows you to add titles to your queues and view watch history.

3.   Crackle

Crackle offers you a variety of programs, but mostly focuses on movies and older TV shows. Thus, if you are looking for documentaries or sports, avoid Crackle. However, is you wish to indulge in superhero movies, like Spider Man or Split, or series like The Partridge Family and Charlie’s Angels, then this is the site for you.

However, this service is not available in some regions.

4.   IMDb TV

Owned by Amazon, IMDb TV offers you many well-known programs and some popular movies as well as programs not available on other services. So, if you want some good old shows for nostalgia, like Desperate Housewives or Chicago Fire, or want some exclusive shows like Corner Gas, then this is for you.

More free streaming sites are available depending on your taste and wants. No more boring days off with such variety all around you!

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