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Best Online Project Management tools

by Evalyne Ndanu
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Project Management is work that it aimed at achieving specific objectives within a given time. Project Management tools eliminate the needs of the traditional paperwork and inefficiency that may come from the same. They improve resource management and give access to systematic reports and analytics. Here are some of the Best Online Project Management Tools.


This is a real time collaboration tool that allows project managers, teams and clients work together. Team work is easy to use, is flexible and is customisable. It allows access to Reports, project planning, budgeting and Time tracking.

Resource management is made effective in Teamwork. It handles up to large and complex projects. Team work is able to integrate with the common tools you are already using and have them all under one roof. For example, Gmail, Microsoft Teams, Slack, Outlook among many others.

An additional feature is that it is a complete platform with CRM, Help Desk, Knowledge Base and Chat.


Clickup is not only suitable as a goal management tool but also as a project management tool. It is accessible to individuals and to teams. Besides, Clickup is able to Plan, track, and manage any type of work.

It has features that include Documents, Whiteboards and Dashboards.With Clickup, you can visualise and plan, you can collaborate with your team and clients real-time on the chats. Moreover, it allows you to track the progress and generate necessary reports.



With Monday.com, you can customise the workflows to meet the needs of your company. This is an interesting feature because organisations have diverse workflows and having an ideal tool that can be made to suit specific needs for organisations is a plus.

Another interesting feature about Monday.com is that it allows banks to be synchronized between the top-level management figures.


Proofhub allows you to integrate and access the apps that you are already using for example QuickBooks, OneDrive, Google Calendar, Dropbox, Google Drive and Outlook, they are all Brought together in Proofhub.

It is very easy to use and understand with no per user fee but instead with simple fixed price plans. An important feature of proof hub is the multilingual aspect. It has more than half a dozen languages for its interface.


Asana helps teams to organise and manage their work. With Asana, you can customise your workflows as well. Customisation of workflows allows processes to be automated hence streamlining the project management process.

There are Kanban boards on Asana that help to create the visuals especially for progress on what is being done, what is already done and what is currently being done.


Zoho Projects

The features of Soho projects include Gantt charts, which are used to build your project plan and track your task schedule. There is additionally availability of Timesheets in which you can log in your billable and non-billable time, this gives the entire management a better view of the resources.

With Zoho, you can customise your projects to suit your needs.

Team Gantt

As the name suggests, in Team Gantt, you are able to make Gantt charts. They also have the Kanban boards and calendar views.

With Team Gantt, you can Plan, schedule, and manage complex projects easily. Moreover,  you can invite clients and teams to collaborate on your gantt chart or project plan.


This is an easy to use tool which is also customisable in many different aspects, like custom dashboards and custom workflows. Collaboration in the team is enhanced through Wrike. 

It is able to be integrated with other common tools under one roof such as Google, Microsoft, Adobe, GitHub, JIRA, and many more. Project reviews can also be done on Wrike.

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