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Best Video Editing Mobile Apps for 2022

by Roveen Anyango
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While PCs remain the undisputed preferred machine for video editing, the rapid development of tech has meant that smartphones are quickly closing the gap between what a phone and a PC can do.

With phones becoming much more capable, many people now have the opportunities to refine their video-taking and photo skills.

To aid in this, mobile app developers have developed professional or near-professional apps for video editing for phones, making video editing much more accessible. Below we look at some mobile phone apps for video editing.


LumaFusion is an app compatible only with iOS and provides incredible features for your video edits.

The app features a multi-track editor, meaning you can edit together several videos (up to six according to some claims). You can also overlay effects to your edits, add music and voiceovers or mute and hide tracks on the video.

Aside from that, you also get special effects, color correction tools, and audio-mixing features. These features make it one of the best video editors of the year.

Premier Rush

Adobe has gained a reputation for making great photo and video editing software and Premier Rush is no different.

The Premiere Rush is a beginner’s variation of the Premiere Pro and thus, might not give you a completely professional experience. However, this is Adobe after all and you will get a lot more than you expect.

The app gives you the ability to tailor transitions to your desires, customize titles, color correction, and speed adjustment, and add audio and voiceovers.

The app is compatible with Android, iOS, and your desktop PC.


If you are a social media influencer or YouTuber, then the KineMaster will meet your needs perfectly.

Considered one of the best mobile phone video editors, KineMaster offers a variety of several options through a simplified interface. The app offers you overlays for starters; meaning that you can work on multiple layers of the video and thus, hasten the editing process.

Aside from that, you also get transitions and effects. While the app offers over 150 transitions, you will only gain access to 38 without a subscription.

You also get effects including filters such as warm, cold, vivid, and artistic effects such as distortions, lenses, blur, glitch, and so on. However, most will be accessed only through subscription.

The app is compatible with Android and iOS.

Honorable mentions include iMovie for iOS and Mac, Filmmaker Pro and Apple Clips for iOS, FilmoraGo, and Inshot, both for Android and iOS.

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