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Best Ways to Begin your Morning on the Right Track

by Roveen Anyango
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Our days are often shaped by how we wake up. Wake up grumpy and moody and you are bound to spend the day moody and grumpy too.

Therefore, a good morning routine is the best way to get your day started and here is how to go about it.

Begin the Night Before

To get off to a great start in the morning, create your routine the night before. Let the list have your schedule for the day, your priorities and things that you need to get done on that day.

Ensure that the lest is short and does not contain too much that could overwhelm you.

Do the Hardest Things First

When writing down your to-do list, ensure that the to-do list has the hardest tasks first. This could include exhausting tasks or tasks that take a lot of mental input. This is so that you get the biggest tasks out of the way before you are exhausted.

Once the most important and hardest task is out of the way, then begin to focus on the smaller, less strenuous tasks.

Drink Water and Eat Fruits

Do you drink water the first thing in the morning? If not, then begin now.

Our bodies need to rehydrate after the night’s sleep and water helps to do just that. It also opens up blood circulation in the body, helping you fight the grogginess of the morning. Fruits are also recommended because they help your body gain energy but without putting it into overdrive like how a heavy meal would.

Keep Away from Your Phone

Let’s be honest – when many of us wake up these days, the first thing we do is reach over to our smartphones and begin scrolling. It has almost become a morning routine itself.

However, scrolling through your phone the first thing in the morning only works to make you more likely to feel lazy and worn-out. Remember, scrolling through the phone does not provide any mental stimulation. Therefore, it leaves you feeling worse about yourself when done. So, why would you want to feel worse about yourself in the morning?

Now, these tips might not mean every morning will go as planned, but they make it easy for you to begin your day on the right note for the most part.

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