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Black Girls in Tech: For the Black Girls and Women

by Roveen Anyango
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While women have often been disproportionately left out of the tech world, black women have had it even worse, since they not only have to deal with gender stereotypes but also racial biases too.

Black Girls in Tech then, emerged as an organization that aims to create a passageway for black girls into tech and support black women already in tech with career development.

Founded by Karen Emelu, the goal of Black Girls in Tech is to create a place where black women can support each other, connect with each other and share their experiences, expertise and resources.

“We are a community for black women in tech, by black women in tech,” says their website.

Black Girls in Tech aims to influence women in tech through three major steps; first is to foster a community of black women in tech at any level and also, include those who want to get into tech. This is done through networking and mentorship.


The second phase is to then provide resources to the women who are in tech or those who want to get into tech through curated educational resources and bootcamps. The third phase is then link their members with opportunities such as scholarships, bootcamps and market jobs.

There is no underestimating the major task that Black Girls in Tech is undertaking in trying to get more black women in tech. Black women are often made to feel like they don’t belong since childhood and this extends to the work environment. Places like tech are especially unwelcoming for black women as many are viewed as unskilled for the industry.

However, Black Girls in Tech is here to help you and other black women get into the tech world. So, if you want to join, click here and become a member of BGIT community.

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