Celebrating Remarkable Women from African Women in Technology Community (AWIT) in Women’s History Month – Waithira Kunene – Project Officer

Our celebration of remarkable African women in tech (AWIT) this Women’s History Month continues, and today, we look at Anne Waithira Kunene.

Anne Waithira Kunene is a Project Officer, digital strategist, and a computer science graduate from Egerton University who is deeply interested in technology and lists her adaptability as her biggest strength, which allows her to explore different components of technology, learn and apply her skills and knowledge in the industry. The constant evolution and diversity in technology make her love the industry so much, stating ‘there is no room to be boring in the field of technology.’

Waithira considers the networks that she has built in the tech industry as her biggest achievement, and these networks have opened up opportunities for her. As a woman in a male-dominated industry, having the right networks can help open up many opportunities, especially if those networks are part of a supportive community with other women.

On how she faces biases in the tech industry, Waithira says that she acquires as much knowledge and skills to put her ahead in the industry and, thus, ensures that she is highly qualified such that her gender is irrelevant. So, Waithira says she always grabs opportunities that come her way because she is highly capable and qualified to do the tasks that are asked of her.

Her advice to other women entering the industry: “Girl, you got this. You have all it takes to achieve your dreams. If you can dream it, then you can do it!”

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