Celebrating Remarkable Women from African Women in Technology Community in Honor of Women’s History Month – Dr. Adaorah Francisca Enyi

Today in Women’s History Month, we celebrate Dr. Adaorah Francisca Enyi.

Dr. Adaorah Francisca is a community physician and healthcare innovator who is the Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of Oncopadi Technologies Limited. Oncopadi is a digital health innovation company that empowers confident cancer care decisions by patients, clinicians, and healthcare companies. In short, Adaorah is at the intersection of healthcare, technology, and innovation.

On what she loves most about her career, Dr. Adaorah says that she has built the most innovative things with the support of ‘the best women’. Some of her support systems who helped her build Oncopadi up are her CEO and Mentor, Dr. Omolola Salako. She also loves that her job allows her to change the world, especially the stories of many women worldwide.

With such a broad resume, it is no doubt that Dr. Adaorrah has more than a single memorable event in her career. Her first was winning the 2019 edition of the African Women in Tech Pitch Competition. Then, Oncopadi Technologies also won the Grand Prize of the 2020 US Astella Oncology C3 Prize for Cancer Care Innovation. She was also part of the 2022 TechWomen fellowship, a training and mentorship program sponsored by the US government. She also interned at 23andMe, a genomics and biotech company. Also, she is a Global Tech Leader and is listed as one of the five Sanofi Future Women in Tech Scholars at One Young World Summit in Manchester. She also presented Oncopadi’s cancer research work at the 2022 World Cancer Congress in Geneva.

On biases, she has encountered in tech, dr. Adaorah says that to build a successful career in tech as a woman, you need a University Degree in Tech. And it doesn’t matter what you did. Whether you are a lawyer, biologist, or banker, you need a University Degree in Tech to succeed as a woman. So, she advises women looking to get into tech to invest in their personal development.

Her advice to women getting into tech:

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