Celebrating Remarkable Women from African Women in Technology Community in Honor of Women’s History Month – Houda Chihi

African Women in Technology has been one of the major advocates for women representation in tech and business. And thus, as the world gears up for International Women’s Day, we thought that, over the next few days, we would celebrate seven remarkable women who are a representation of the continuing journey to gender equality.

Today we celebrate Houda Chihi.

Houda Chihi is a Senior Researcher at Innov’COMM who rose to the top of her field through what she considers her most important attributes – perseverance and resilience. These two qualities have helped Chihi through her career considering that, when it comes to research, she needs to always be on the lookout for new information and new ways of doing research in an ever changing industry.

On what her greatest achievements are, Chihi says that getting her PhD in telecommunication was one of the proudest things that she has ever done

As with many other women in the tech industry, Chihi has encountered biases, especially due to her gender. The belief that women cannot work in hard core fields in tech continues to persist and many women can attest to encountering these gender biases on the field almost daily. However, for Chihi, her smarts have often gotten her to overcome these biases, seeing as she is highly educated and experienced in her field. Additionally, she says that with empathy and communication, women can overcome these and many other challenges at work.

Her advice to women who are getting into the tech industry: “Never give up and keep going.”

Houda Chihi gets us started in this series where we celebrate women cracking it in the tech industry. To remain updated on these women and other topics such as entrepreneurship, business, tech and general interest, subscribe here to our newsletter.

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