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Celebration Ideas for the New Year: How to Kick-off New Year

by Roveen Anyango
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As the festivities come to a close, the New Year celebrations offer us a chance to complete the festivities well while also laying down the foundations for the new year. Despite being a relatively simple and straight-forward holiday, the new year can sometimes leave people in a state of depression.

Here is how to then, celebrate the new year.

Midnight Church Service

If there is a place where you can spend a relatively innocuous New Year celebration, then it is the midnight church service (Watch night), which takes place on New Year’s Eve.

Often, these events will be like one last big coming together before everyone scatters to their cities and towns to live their lives so, you are guaranteed to have fun, socialize while also not risking a crashing hangover – hopefully.

Host a dinner party

This one might need you to make plans way early in advance so that people are aware of it. There is nothing worse than informing family and friends that you have a dinner party for New Year’s when they have already made other plans.

So, plan to host your New Year dinner party now and invite people to come and join you. The party should have fun activities like board games, perhaps swimming parties and so on. Make it memorable for both you and the attendees.

Host a movie marathon

Another plan that needs early planning, invite some of your friends or family over on New Year’s Eve, order a takeout, take some popcorn and soft drinks and pop yourself on the couch and watch your favorite franchises until you all back out one by one. It might not seem like much, but such seemingly ‘boring’ activities are great for creating bonds and making memories with those you love.


There is no shame in not doing anything for New Year’s. Do you feel tired? Are you just not in the mood on that day? If you feel like you want to take a rest all through New Year day, by all means, do it. Spending some time alone in New Year’s resting is a perfectly acceptable way to welcome the New Year. You can use that time to reflect and meditate, perhaps brain storm on new goals over the new year. However, if your desire to spend time along is due to depression or any other mental issues, consider seeking medical help and don’t spend too much time alone.

At the end of the day, you know what’s best for you. As long as you don’t overdo it, there is no right or wrong way to welcome the New Year. Make merry and Happy New Year!

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