ChatGPT Professional: What to Expect from the Paid Version of ChatGPT


  • OpenAI has been pushing ChatGPT Professional to some users
  • The subscription will be USD 42 per month
  • OpenAI promises new features for the pro version

ChatGPT’s growing popularity around the world has meant that OpenAI, the company behind the chatbot, would want to make hay from the runaway success of their AI.

On January 11, 2023, OpenAI President and Co-Founder, Greg Brockman said that the company was working on a professional ChatGPT and called on interested people to join the waitlist. The subscription price is $42 a month. The paid feature has not yet rolled out for all users, but some users of the chatbot have received messages to upgrade to the premium ChatGPT.

But what exactly does ChatGPT Pro offer?

Faster response time

Early users of ChatGPT Pro have reported that the pro version is significantly faster than the free version. Over the past few weeks, the ChatGPT has been taking time to respond to questions, with the slow down linked to increased traffic. However, in the paid version, you eliminate the wait time, making it perfect for professionals using the bot for their work.


Due to high demand, aside from the ChatGPT taking more time than usual to respond, the site has been crashing and the bot has refused to respond in some instances. However, OpenAI says that ChatGPT Pro will often be available and responsive even when experiencing high traffic.

Better performance

There have been complaints in recent times of the ChatGPT seemingly fooled by patterns. With the ChatGPT Pro, however, OpenAI says that the bot will provide much more accurate, relevant and high-quality responses to prompts from the user.

Priority to more new features

OpenAI plans to further improve the chatbot in the coming months. While the specifics of these features have not been revealed, having ChatGPT Pro will allow users to have priority in updates and thus, get any new features sooner.

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