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Communication Tips to Make You More Likeable

by Roveen Anyango
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In the world of career and business, being likeable is a currency and it can get you further than you would ever have imagined. Communicating in ways that makes the other person feel positively about you is one of the most important soft skills you can muster.

Below are some tips to make you more likeable when you network.

Aim to be comfortable

One of the most common advice we get is that we need to hold or head high and shoulders back to appear more confident. Now, confidence makes you more likeable sure, but if it’s not something you are used to, this could come off as a little awkward and the other person will easily tell that you are trying too hard. Also, holding your held high sometimes comes off as a little aloofish.

Instead, aim for comfort. Smile slightly and open up your arms. Give them their personal space and tilt your head to the side a little. In body language interpretations, a slight tilt of the head shows curiosity. So, show the other person you are curious to learn about them.

Say their names

People like to feel seen and heard and one of the easiest ways to make them seen is by saying their name. I don’t know about you but not being good with names is not a likeable trait to me. So, to give a good impression to the other person and make them like you more, say their name from time to time in the conversation. This way, they will feel seen and heard and will warm up to you a lot easier.

Don’t hog the conversation

Talking about yourself and what happened to you is exciting, no doubt. But remember, the other person also wants to talk about what makes them happy. We tend to talk a lot about ourselves to a new person in an effort to let them know about us and like us. However, don’t overdo this as you will come off as self-absorbed. Instead, make the conversation more open for everyone. If they are on the same page, they will do the same with you and before long, you will like them just as they also want you.

Be sincere

You cannot be someone you are not. When you try this, it won’t be long before your cover is blown and many people do not like to associate with insecure, pretentious people.

People being their authentic self makes them so appealing to us because it shows that the person is comfortable with who they are and have good self-esteem. So, always strive to be your best self than try to be someone you aren’t and you will be more likable.

Likeability can take you a lot further and you should aim for that in addition to your other skills.

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