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Different types of Online Casino Bonuses and How to Choose the Right One

by Roveen Anyango
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  • Online casinos offer more bonuses
  • Bonuses will often match your deposit
  • Choosing a bonus will often vary on your achievements and end goals

When you play online casino, you are often on the lookout for something to sweeten the deal. This could either be you wanting to boost your deposits or elongate the playing time to increase your earnings. Bonuses are extra funds which the casino offers to players to encourage them to keep playing.

Below are some casino bonuses and where they fit in your game.

Welcome Bonuses

Unlike physical casinos, online casinos will often have welcome bonuses to welcome you into the game and keep you playing. In many of these casinos, the bonuses will often match your first deposit. This means that you get to earn double the money that you put into the game when you first deposited.

So, whenever you are joining a new online casino, always be on the lookout for one with welcome bonuses. Some even offer up to 500% bonuses on your deposit but these are very rare.

Free spin

Free spin is another very common bonus for online casinos, especially in an online slot game. The free spin bonus allows you to spin the reels without putting in your own money. You could even get to win on that and earn more money in your bonus balance.

Free spin will often be best for you when you want an extra round of the game but are not feeling like spending more. So, when you want to play but do not wish to spend, be on the lookout for free spin bonuses.

Loyalty bonus

This one is pretty straight forward as to how you get it – you need to be a long-time member of their casino and be in their loyalty program to qualify for the loyalty bonus.

Often, you will need to hit certain milestones to qualify and the rewards vary depending on your actions as a player. For example, if you spend a lot of money or hit a huge milestone, like 5000th bet, you get the loyalty bonus.

New game reward

The new game reward is when gambling service providers create a bonus linked to a new game so that they get people to play them. With the new game bonus, you can play the game without risking your money as you get used to the game play. New game bonus minimizes risk when trying out a new game.

Choosing the best bonus on you is dependent on whatever you are hoping to achieve and also might mean you meeting certain requirements. So, always be on the lookout.

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