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Easy Ways to Get Your Android Phone or Tablet to Turn on

by Roveen Anyango
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Our phones are now a part of our lives and failure to work on their parts can be one of the worst feelings to endure. This becomes even worse when the phone seemingly just dies without any reason.

And it gets even worse when you know that the battery was charged and therefore, it has no reason to die on you. So, how then, do you get your android device to turn back on again?

Soft Reset

Soft reset is restarting the phone using the power and volume buttons. Note that, if your phone is the old kind with a removable battery, you can simply remove the battery and put it back on again.

However, in modern phones with non-removable batteries, you are going to use the power and volume button. Simply press the volume down and power buttons simultaneously for about 15 seconds. The phone should buzz and restart. If that alone doesn’t help, try the procedure with the phone connected to its charger.

Check for screen damage

Sometimes, your phone screen might black out such that, even when it is on, the screen remains black and blank. In this instance, try to see if the phone is vibrating either when a call comes in or if you perform an action such as lowering the volume on the volume button.

If the phone buzzes, rings when someone calls but doesn’t display, then that could be a sign that it has a damaged screen.

In this instance, get the screen repaired.

Battery issues

Sometimes, the issue could be the phone batteries. When we use our phones for long, the battery health naturally drops. Now, when the battery health drops, this means that the battery will last for shorter durations than it previously did.

Try changing the battery and see if the frequent power downs reduce or are eliminated.

Disable third party apps

Sometimes, third-party apps, especially apps downloaded from sites besides the legitimate play stores (Either Google or from the phone manufacturer) can cause issues to the phone, and among the issues are frequent power downs and refusal to turn on.

So, to disable third party apps and diagnose the problem, put your it into safe mode. This is done by pressing and holding down the power button. Then, as the phone boots, hold the volume down button until safe mode appears on the screen. Once on, go through the phone for third party apps and deleting those you think might be causing issues.

If everything fails, then consider performing a factory reset through your computer. Programs such as Phone Link (Windows) and Finder (MacOS)can help you do factory reset on your phone through your laptop if the phone won’t turn on.

If you are having ringing issues with your phone, check this out.

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