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Effective Ways to Display Emotional Intelligence at Work

by Roveen Anyango
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The modern work environment is shifting away from simply looking at your academic qualifications to how you process your emotions at work. This ability to process your emotions and react in a sensible way is what is called emotional intelligence.

Emotional intelligence is a trait that is becoming more valuable at work and below, we look at how you can display it in the workplace.

Responding positively to criticism

No, I am not talking about insults and dehumanizing criticism. Rather, I am speaking of criticism that calls out your weaknesses or tries to improve what you do.

A sign of emotional intelligence is not taking criticism personally as many people do. Even when you don’t feel good about it, listen to what is said and try to improve on what you are asked.

Be flexible

Nobody likes changes, and especially immediate change but a display of emotional intelligence at work is adapting to these changes nonetheless. This means trying to make the best out of every situation, even if it is not ideal. Being flexible can make your superiors trust you more as you display a great ability to adapt fast to changing conditions, a good sign of leadership.

Taking responsibility

You will not always be right, nor will you always be making the right choices. Therefore, when you make a mistake, take responsibility rather than shifting blame. This is a reflection of EQ as it means that you have the self-awareness to accept your failing and reflect on them so that you don’t repeat it in the future.

Support others

We often hear a lot of people say that your co-workers are not your friends. While that might technically be true, whenever possible, offer a supporting shoulder to your co-workers, especially those in your department or similar level of work. Whether it be helping them complete a project, or helping them cope with emotional distress, offering support helps create an emotional connection between the two of you and displays your emotional intelligence. This connection helps build mental resilience.


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