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Essential tips to finish what you start

by Evalyne Ndanu
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How many times have you started things and been unable to see it to completion? When you are starting something, there is always that excitement and positive energy. Enthusiasm we could say. However though, when the rubber heats the road and things start getting real, we almost give up, find excuses and are unable to finish. This is why this article is here, it presents Essential tips to finish what you start.

Begin with the end in mind

One of the essential tips to finish what you start is by beginning with the end in mind. What is the end goal? Where are you headed to? Is the vision clear enough?

The reasons why a vision is important are, it gives you direction, it is able to inspire, motivate and set your priorities right.
Begin with the end in mind is one of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People that Stephen Covey’s famous bestseller defines.  It is a right starting mentality because it ensures that your efforts are towards the right direction.

Moreover, with the huddles that may present themselves along the way, your eyes will still be set on the end goal.

Make a plan and stick to it

After you have your end goal set, it is now time to plan. Planning and budgeting regards you time and resources is important. It brings into perspective what needs to be done. You can divide the work into smaller chunks and plan for the accordingly.

You can use goal setting tools to make the plans and ensure you stick to them. Making a plan allows you to estimate the work that you will need to put in. This creates a better mental picture of what will be expected from you to finish your task.

Track your progress

Another essential tip to finish what you start is to track your progress. Tracking your progress can be done from the goal setting tools as well or you can simply check it against your project management tools. 

Progress tracking is Important to give you a push forward. Moreover it will help you to analyse what is working and what is not and also what you may need to change.


Reward your progress

A great way of avoiding burn out is rewarding your progress. Even as you track your progress to see how far you have come, remember to pat yourself on the back.

Learn to celebrate your small wins, they will create momentum and motivation to achieve and strive for more. Rewarding yourself can look like taking a break to watch your favourite show, going for a manicure, going for a walk in the park, a vacation.

Only ensure to reward yourself with something meaningful and one that makes you happy.

Develop Accountability

Yet another essential tip to finish what you start is have accountability. Accountability will ensure that your performance is evaluated. It is better to be accountable to someone like a mentor. A mentor is able to push you forward and guide you, especially if they have already walked the journey that you are walking.

Accountability promotes better engagement and responsibility of actions taken. It will allow you to be in control and be in touch with the decisions that you make.

Commit to it

If you want to finish what you start, simply get started and be committed to it. A commitment keeps you consciously engaged and present. You will find that you your thought process, your actions and your speech will begin to change and align once you commit.

Moreover, for most people, a commitment makes it clear that it is not just something that you can easily walk out of. It shows the Importance, time, Energy, Emotion and Effort that you have placed towards finishing what you start.

Avoid Perfectionism

A great stumbling block towards finishing is usually perfectionism. Perfectionism will cause you to not finish because something is always holding you back.

For you to finish what you start, avoid perfectionism. Better to strive to produce something and eventually work on making it better and better than not producing anything at all.

“Perfectionism is internalized oppression.” – Gloria Steinem

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