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Five Interesting Crypto Projects Beginners Can Still Enter

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Cryptocurrency projects are easy to spot but finding the ones that can stand the test of time is highly tricky. You need to be familiar with the industry before entering any project, and it is undoubtedly a grueling process, especially when you’re new to the industry. It is as complicated as picking out Preakness odds when entering the sports betting world. 


You need a guide that will help you spot affordable projects that you can enter, and once you complete the process, you can always get the right investment. In that case, we’ve put together five interesting crypto projects that we believe beginners can enter to start their cryptocurrency journey and enjoy the benefits of the digital currency world. 

Green Metaverse Token – $GMT

If you are familiar with the metaverse, you’ll know that many projects are coming up in space, and many of them have longevity features. One of the many tokens taking the metaverse space is the Green Metaverse Token. It is a governance token used in the Gamium ecosystem, and it depends on the $GMM stake.


In this case, users will have access to a wide range of additional functionality in the space. GMT is also the governance token of STEPN, a rising move-to-earn decentralized health and fitness application on the Web3.0 space. Currently, the token is rounding the $3 value, making it a good investment if you want something to use to enter the space.  

Solana – $SOL

You’ve probably heard of Ethereum, a top blockchain ecosystem in the Web3.0 space, dubbed the Bitcoin alternative. However, the ETH token now revolves around the $3,000 tag, making it difficult and out of range for a newbie. Fortunately, there are alternatives to Ethereum, and one of them is Solana.


The Solana blockchain uses a Proof of Stake mechanism, and as a result, it has become a top name in the blockchain space. We now have many projects relying on the Solana blockchain, making it a perfect option for new crypto enthusiasts. It still has a reasonable value as it sits around the $100 tag. You can go for the $SOL to be part of this ecosystem.

Binance Coin – $BNB

Binance is one of the biggest platforms when it comes to cryptocurrency. The Binance ecosystem has one of the best sets of features that you’ll find with any blockchain exchange platform. Once you join the platform, you’ll have access to a solid exchange, trading, saving section, and a budding NFT marketplace. 


The Binance ecosystem’s official token is the Binance Coin $BNB, and all your transactions are done with this token. Therefore, if you want to find a stable token to invest in, you should consider $BNB. Although the price is revolving around $400, it is still at a good level for you to get into and invest. 

Cardano – $ADA

Like Solana, Cardano is a blockchain that many projects, especially NFT collections, are being built on these days. The Cardano blockchain is not as complex as the Ethereum blockchain, and even if you’re new to the industry, you can understand how it works. It also uses the Proof of Stake mechanism, making the gas fees much cheaper than Ethereum’s Proof of Work.


You can buy into the Cardano space with the $ADA token. Fortunately, the token is currently affordable. It hasn’t even crossed the $1 price yet. Therefore, you can get in now that it is still finding its way to a stable price tag. Entering this project is best if you plan on holding for a long time. That way, you can be one of the early investors. 

Apecoin – $APE

Dubbed the Ethereum killer, Apecoin is another token powering a blockchain service. It is still in its early phase. Therefore, a lot is going on and still to come based on the different projects we’ve been experiencing in the space. With the APE ecosystem gaining traction, the $APE token is taking its place in the range of stable coins.


As it stands, many projects rely on the APE ecosystem, especially non-fungible tokens. Therefore, you know that this is a stable investment you can enter, and it is still in its early pricing. The price is still about $15, making it a suitable investment for long-term HODLers. You can bank on this project to remain and gain traction in the long run. 

Final Thoughts

There are many projects in the crypto space, and if you want to enter, you need to find the right one. You can pick from these five projects we’ve highlighted here. They are still in the early phase, making them an appropriate entry point into this space. So, you should take the time to learn more about these exciting projects to see the ones that fit your style.  

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