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Five Ways to Make Money in Crypto and Web3.0 With $0

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 Are you interested in the crypto and Web3.0 world but don’t have any money to buy tokens, NFTs, and coins? Don’t worry; you can enter the space without any money and build your way up to make a lot of money like the top gurus. You need the right guide to give you insight into the different money-making ideas in the industry.


Unlike when you want to bet on NASCAR betting odds and need to have some capital before trying your luck, we would give you ways to make money in this industry with $0 and only your phone, laptop, and internet. Without further ado, here are five ways to make money in crypto and Web3.0 space with little or no money. 

Free Airdrop and Bounties

With many projects coming onto the web3.0 space, you have the chance to enjoy free airdrops once they release. Free airdrops and bounties do not require you to have any money, you just have to complete a few tasks and connect to the specified wallet, and in no time, you’ll receive your airdrops. 


Fortunately, many sites alert you to new drops daily so that you don’t miss any new drops in the space. You can also join many Telegram channels to access airdrops and bounties as they drop. You might be required to perform some tasks, follow other channels, repost, and share. But once you get picked, you can get free tokens and coins. 

Giveaways and Whitelisting

You can hunt for WL giveaways if you want to enter the NFT space and don’t have the money to mint or pay gas fees. With this, you wouldn’t need to worry about paying any fees, and you can earn a lot of money once the project picks up. In this case, any amount you flip if for would be profitable for you.


As a result, you can have enough money to enter another project, and this time, you don’t have to hunt for giveaways. Aside from NFTs, you can also enjoy crypto giveaways if you are active in different crypto communities online. You should stay in touch with your communities and be alert for any giveaways available. 


If you don’t want to spend time hunting and sharing for giveaways and airdrops on the internet, you can sell your skill and time for cryptocurrencies. Many projects are looking for developers, writers, VAs, and other high in-demand skills. You only need to place yourself and find those requiring your skill strategically. 


If you don’t have any digital skills, you can head down to YouTube to learn one, and in no time, you can start selling your skill. Ensure that you’re creating a portfolio for yourself as you’re learning. That is what you would use to convince people to hire you, and with that, you can earn money in the Web3.0 space without spending a dime on crypto. 

Community Management

With many Telegram, Twitter, Quora, and Facebook crypto communities getting created every day, the need for community managers is rising. So, if you have online community management skills, you can learn about cryptocurrency and blockchain to apply for these roles. You will certainly find one community to manage if you have the right resume. 


One can manage as many as possible, and as you get paid, you’ll start investing in the crypto world to earn more money. You don’t need any money to start as a community manager, even if you are a complete beginner. There are many free resources that you can check out to get started. 

Online Tasks

Many sites offer you crypto to complete surveys and different tasks online. You don’t even need a massive system to do this, and you can earn cryptocurrencies. In addition, you don’t need to learn any complex skills, and you can start with absolute zero. The only downside is that you won’t earn a lot for each task.


Therefore, you would need to perform plenty of tasks if you want to earn a significant amount of coins that can help to kickstart your crypto journey. However, if you can refer to other people, you can earn more as they perform tasks. So, the more people you bring, the more crypto you’ll get. As a result, you’ll not have to worry about performing many tasks. 

Final Thoughts

With these five methods of earning in the crypto and web3.0 space, you don’t need to risk your money in the volatile market. You can build your way up from zero, and after a period of consistency, you’ll see your money grow big. In that case, you can enter the cryptocurrency space with the money you earn through them. 

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