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Fog Computing?

by Evalyne Ndanu
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Fog computing is an Architecture that extends the services offered by the cloud to edge devices. It is an extension of cloud. Fog computing differs from cloud-computing because it decentralizes the cloud itself.

Edge devices include Routers, Switches, LAN & WAN devices . They are Entry points into your network.

In very simple terms Fog is Cloud Computing plus IoT (Internet of Things)


The word Fog computing is believed to have originated from a technology company by the name ‘Cisco’. Its purpose is to allow data to be processed locally, leading to the reduction of the back-haul that takes the data to the internet.
Fog computing pushes intelligence down to the local area network (LAN) level of network architecture, processing data in a fog node or IoT gateway.

Cloud,fog and Edge

Cloud,fog and Edge

Advantages of Fog Computing.

  • Fog doesn’t work on a cloud, instead it works on an Network Edge so it is faster.
  • It has less demand for Bandwidth.
  • Adds security to the cloud.
  • Minimal amount of data is sent to the Cloud.
  • Reduced Latency.
  • Improved efficiency in data traffic.
  • Since the distance to be traveled by the data is reduced, it results in saving network bandwidth.
  • With data storage and processing taking place in LAN in this architecture, it enables organizations to, “aggregate data from multi-devices into regional stores.”
  • Fog nodes can withstand harsh environmental conditions.

Disadvantages of Fog Computing.

  • It is complex. Mostly because of the nodes involved.
  • Power consumption increases when another layer is placed between the host and the cloud.
  • High need for maintenance.
  • Trust and authentication are major concerns.

Fog Computing Examples

Smart transportation networks.

Connected manufacturing devices with cameras and sensors.

Jet engine that produce a large amount of data about the engine’s performance and condition very quickly.

Industrial gateways which collect data from edge devices, which is then sent to the LAN for processing.


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