Google Pixel 7: How Does the New Google Phone Hold up?

The Google Pixel lines of phones have been gaining momentum in the tech world over the past few years. This year, the tech company has recently launched their Pixel 7 and 7 Pro, updates to the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro.

In this article, we look at Pixel 7. Set at $599, the Pixel 7 falls perfectly in the budget range and competes favorably against the costlier Samsung S22. So, what makes the Pixel 7 stand out?


The Pixel 6 and 6 Pro introduced the world to the horizontal camera module which was a major hit among many. Google stuck with that design, but rather than maintaining the glass visor that covers the camera, they replaced the glass with a metal visor.

This gives the Pixel 7 a posh and more expensive look. The metallic visor also mean that the Pixel 7 is less prone to finger prints on it when, say playing games or taking landscape photography.

Strong performance

The Google Pixel 7 features a custom built Google Tensor G2 chip. The thing about Google Tensor G2 chip is that, while it does not hit insane numbers on benchmark tests, its customization for the Pixel means that it functions excellently in hardware and software tailor-made for it.

The major focus for the G2 chip is on machine learning and artificial intelligence. Thus, the Google Pixel 7 is a lot more intuitive, more fluid and smooth, has great software processing and is good at doing repetitive tasks without breaking a sweat.

Better image processing

Much of the flagship camera wars these days is often down to preference and minor details. Thus, the Google Pixel 7, features a 50 MP main sensor and a 12 MP ultra-wide senor and a 10.8 MP selfie camera, none of which are particularly impressive when compared to other phones of similar price range.

However, it more than makes up for it in better image processing. While it doesn’t have optical zoom as the Pixel 7 Pro or Samsung S 22, it does use Google’s Super Res Zoom to zoom into an image up to 8 times. It combines image cropping with machine learning to fill in and sharpen the edges. It also has Photo Unblur, which sharpens blurry images.

There is no doubt that while the Google Pixel 7 is no game changer, it is going to give its users a very clean, smooth and pleasant Android 13 experience.

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