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Google Pixel Fold: First Impressions of Google’s Folding Phone

by Roveen Anyango
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After much speculation in the build up to May 10 Google I/O event, Google finally launched their much anticipated Google Fold phone, which is set to go head-to-head with Samsung Z Fold 4 and other foldables in the market.

As a first foray into foldables, Google have impressed with their Fold. The phone feels comfortable to hold. When folded, the front screen comes in at a respectable 5.8 inches while the inner screen measures 7.6 inches. The sides are also really slim, measuring in at 12 mm when folded, which is much slimmer than the Samsung Z Fold (14mm). Additionally, Google have made the hinge stiff but easy to open, enabling you hold the phone at whichever angle you would want. In terms of physical build, it is more comparable to the Oppo Find N than the Z Fold.

Camera and screen specs

The Google Fold comes with much of the expected specs.

The phone comes with three main cameras; a 48 MP main sensors, 10.8 MP ultrawide and a 10.8 MP telephoto with 5x optical zoom and 20x Super Res Zoom. The two front cameras are coming in at 9.5 MP each.

The screens: The outer screen comes in at 1080 x 2092 with a brightness of up to 1550 nits, while the inner screen comes in at 2208 x 1840 pixels with 1450 nits and 120 HZ refresh rate, which makes them very bright and easily usable outdoors. The inner screen allows for multi-tasking, with a taskbar at the bottom that will enable you to quickly and easily switch between apps or drag a compatible app to split screen mode so that you can multitask two apps at once. However, some users will find issues with the thick bezels on the inner screen.


The Google Pixel comes with the Google Tensor 2 processor, paired with 12 GB of RAM and either 256 GB or 512 GB of non-expandable storage. The chip powers the Google Android 14 Material You software, which allows for easier customization of the phone.


The Pixel Fold comes with a 4,821 mAh battery size, the largest in a foldable, and up to 30 W charging (charger not included in box). According to Google’s claim, that is enough to provide you with over 24 hours of battery.


The Google Fold will have a starting price of $ 1,799 and is now available for pre-order, with shipping set to begin next month.

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