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Google Pixel Watch: Why Google’s New Wearable Tech is Dividing Opinions

by Roveen Anyango
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Google released the Google Pixel Watch along with the Google Pixel 7 and the Pixel 7 Pro. The smartwatch is the first for the company.

The Google Pixel Watch has come to be after Google bought up Fitbit and so, whatever would be found on the Fitbit is on the Pixel Watch, just tweaked a little.

The Good

The Google Pixel Watch, unlike other wearable tech, has an inconspicuous look unlike any other smartwatch. Its neat, round design tapers off to the edges and means that it looks no different from any other watch you would have around.

It has a 41 mm screen size, with 2BG RAM and 32 GB storage memory. Its battery, a 294mAh is manageable, though pales in comparison to more established smartwatches.

It also works well with Google Assistant and has a reliable Fitbit fitness tracker and a very intuitive Fitbit app.

The Bad

The design of the Google Pixel Watch might be minimalistic, but one of its major flaws is the large bezels. At a time when many techs with screens are increasing screen size, the bezels on the Pixel watch do look a little out of date. This also means that the actual viewing screen is down to about 30mm.

Aside from that, its battery life, while manageable, is still terrible, especially if you wish to use its full features. Thus, you will need to scale back on many things if you wish for it to last you at least through 24 hours of usage.

The watch also comes with Android 11, which might seem out of date especially for tech enthusiast, considering we are now on Android 13. However, its Wear OS 3.5 smartwatch software looks good and is an interface that perfectly fist the Pixel watch screen.


Google Pixel watch has a lot to give to you while a few to take away. Set at around $350, the smartwatch is quite high for its features. However, it delivers on what you would expect for a smartwatch while also adding some new exciting features. Thus, it is proper value for money.

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