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Here is Why You Don’t Need to Upgrade Your Smartphone Each Year

by Roveen Anyango
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Do you often feel left out when people around you upgrade their phone each year and you hold onto your two-year old one? Do you often feel the need to buy a new smartphone each year so that you can maintain performance?

Well, in this article, we look at reasons why upgrading your smartphone yearly might not be necessary. In fact, unless you buy your smartphones for vanity, or you have loads of cash, your smartphone can serve you for 3-4 years. Here’s why.

No major upgrades

The current smartphone trends have hit what is known as a plateau. While the initial years were filled with thrilling additions to smartphones that made yearly upgrades sensible, right now, smartphones only get incremental upgrades.

There are no major differences between smartphones only a year apart, even as manufacturers speak up of performance and what not. In the real world, you most probably won’t notice a major difference between two smartphones released just a year apart. So, hold onto your smartphone for a little longer.

Frequent software updates

Manufacturers have made it a priority to issue software updates for their high-end devices for at least two years. For iPhones, you can even get five to six years, though it will noticeably come with a drop in performance due to outdated software.

Furthermore, after about two years, consider not upgrading your software even when suggested to you. This is because new software upgrades take a toll on your phone’s outdated hardware. If the phone is physically okay, it can keep going for another year or two on the old software.

Great build = longer lasting phones

Smartphone builds have improved significantly over the years, as established by tech reviewer, JerryRigEverything. From the improved Gorilla glass screens, to a shift from simple plastic bodies to more metal bodies or stronger plastic, smartphones can now last for up to two years without showing physical fatigue due to better build.

With this in mind, you wouldn’t need to change your phone if the screen is intact, camera and body and intact, battery is good and its working fine.

This, coupled with improved smartphone cases means that you can protect your phone from any physical damage and further increase its lifespan.

Yearly smartphone upgrades are a luxury and not a necessity. You won’t miss much new tech a year after buying your phone. Wait at least two years to consider an upgrade, at which point, you will find noticeable differences.

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