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How to avoid remote work burnout

by Evalyne Ndanu
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Working remotely is not a magic trick to solving all work issues. It is simply a change of the working location with no need of commute to the office. Some common symptoms of work burnout are lack of motivation, decrease in productivity,  anxiety, headaches, muscle tension among others. Here then are some tips to avoid remote work burnout.

Have a designated work space with a table and chair

You may think that this is a no-brainer but you will be surprised by the number of people who are working from their couches let alone those who work from bed. Working from such spaces is the first indicator that there may be something wrong.

Environment plays a vital role when it comes to making sure our mental health is kept in check. Additionally, The advantages of having a workspace with a table and a comfortable chair are numerous.

It will ensure you have a right sitting posture that will prevent back pain and future back problems. Besides, it will increase your focus and productivity. Also, it separates your work space from your other personal space. Make sure to get yourself a comfortable chair, preferably an ergonomic chair and a table and ensure that the space is tidy and well lit.

Have a schedule 

One of tips of proper time management include having a schedule. Having a schedule is effective in ensuring you avoid remote work burnout.

Because you may be tempted to think you have way much more time, it is important to keep yourself in check. The reality is you still have the same 24 hours. What is making the difference is the commute time.

Mapping out your schedule ensures you finish projects on time, you deliver, it reduces the possibility of procrastination and ensures you get work done even when you have no motivation. While working from home, it is vital to have a schedule so that you are able to fit all important tasks to avoid the pressure and stress that will come from lack of a plan.

Take breaks

Working from home has actually led the greater population to work more lengthy hours. Overtime is counter productive. You need breaks to rejuvenate. Working from home doesn’t mean that you do not need breaks.

Create time for breaks in your plans to avoid work burnout. During your breaks, you can grab a coffee or tea, you can read a few pages of your favourite book, you can watch tv. Also important is to have meal breaks. Simply reward yourself with breaks and do something you enjoy.

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Set boundaries

Having healthy set boundaries is a tip to ensuring that you do not experience work out. Just because you are working from home doesn’t mean that you have to be available 24/7. Being available all the time means you have not created healthy boundaries.

You need time to attend to the other aspects of your life. When your work time is over, walk away from your working area and get involved in the other areas of your life. All the more reason you need a designated workspace. Make it a habit set boundaries and make communicate your work hours to your colleagues as well.

Plan and take your vacations

To avoid work burnout ensure you take day offs and vacations. You can take weekend vacations as well. A change in environment even for a few hours can make a huge difference.

Have time off to go unwind and unplug. To relax and enjoy food and nature. Vacations are also exciting to plan and execute. This excitement is much needed. Do you remember the last time you were excited? Reward yourself with something exciting.


Be intentional about social connections

While working from home, you may notice that you are alienated from your colleagues and friends. Everyone needs companionship and friendship. Working from home means you have to become intentional about it.

Be intentional in sending messages even to your work colleagues to check on them. Plan to meet and eat out with your friends occasionally and make it intentional for you to remain connected with this around you. Keep the social connections alive.

Work out, move your body

Another tip to avoid remote work burnout is moving your body. Considering commute time is cut, you need to be intentional in moving your body. You can schedule home work outs. They do not need to be complicated and you may not need any special equipment.

Work out makes sure you body is moving, your muscles are exercised, you are much healthier and it improves moods. Give yourself that extra boost of moods, it is needed.

Practice self-care

Self-care is self love and it is important for healthy working. Self care includes ensuring you have enough sleep, eating the right diet and exercising.

Self-care ensures that your body is relaxed, healthy, in good moods and comfortable enough to do your work efficiently. Reward yourself with self-care, it will reflect on your work!

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