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How to be noticed at work

by Evalyne Ndanu
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We not only want to do work, we want to do meaningful work get noticed at our work places. We want to be known and appreciated. Even given pay rises when it is due time for them. Being known is part of belonging. It is knowing that your presence somewhere is felt. Here are some tips on how to be noticed at work for good reasons.

Speak up during Meetings

When you are new somewhere, you sort of tend to thread carefully as though you are walking on ege-shells. This is especially true when you are more of introvert. You want to take time to learn your new environment and colleagues. While this may be important, don’t overstretch it.

Your voice needs to be heard. Simply because the company hired you means you have something that you are bringing to the table. Consider yourself as an asset to the company and know that your contribution can make a positive impact to the company.

Resist the temptation of keeping silent all the time and speak up. You can begin as simple as appreciating the contributions of others in meetings then build up the confidence to air out your own views. Whether your opinions are received with open arms or not, you will have put yourself out there and increased the chances of getting noticed.

Be a team player

Teamwork can never be overemphasised. Working with others is a necessity in almost all organisations. Being a team player is not about saying it only during your interview, it is about actively living it out in you day to day interactions with your colleagues.

Equip yourself with tools for teamwork. Give help and support to your colleagues even as you yourself accept help. When you are stuck instead of wasting a lot of time, reach out to your colleagues. Other people would like to feel valuable as well. Being a team player will improve your relationships and allow you to be noticed.


Produce Quality work

People can get work done. The distinguishing factor though is in the quality of work produced and the attitude. Being approachable means your colleagues can easily come up to you.

Producing quality work will allow you to get noticed. As cliche as this sounds, you have got to be the best in anything that you are engaged in. Produce the best work. Do it with extra zeal and interest.

When your have quality work and the leadership knows it, you will even be called upon for greater responsibilities. Let your work be able to set you apart.

Offer to hop onto new projects

New projects will always be coming. They may be exciting or not. Most people would like to stay within their comfort zones and deal with projects that they are already engaged in or ones they feel they have an upper hand in.

However, to get noticed means sometimes hoping onto projects that no one else seems interested. These are projects that will even allow you learn new things and allow you to speak up even when it is not one of your strengths. Not withstanding though, you need to apply wisdom because you don’t want to get yourself overwhelmed and pressure

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Stay updated

Standing out means you know what is happening in your career space. Do not be caught by surprise when people are discussing a certain new trend and you know nothing on it. It means that you don’t have materials to contribute to the discussion.

To avoid such embarrassments and to get yourself noticed, acquaint yourself with what is going on in your domain. From the internet from magazines, simply stay on the loop and ahead. Be the one to point out the best big thing that may be coming and this way management will notice you. Companies want to remain afloat and relevant.

Be curious

For you to get noticed, get curious of what other people are doing and also let others know what you are working on. It is a two way traffic.

Avoid the popular answers of “You know, I am still working on the same old things.” Give details when asked what you are working on. Go deeper and even ask questions on how you can be more efficient in delivery. Keep the curiosity spark alive by being genuinely interested in what others are doing as well and offer guidance and advice where you can.

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