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How to Become a Morning Person

by Roveen Anyango
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Let’s admit it – while not all of us are thrilled by the thought of waking up early, the world we live in often starts early, meaning that to get the best out of your day, you need to get up early as well.

But what do you do if you are really not a morning person? Well, before we create a world in which we don’t need to get up so early, here is how to adapt to the current morning routine structure.

Pick your ideal wake-up time

The first thing you want to do is pick the ideal time you want to wake up. You don’t need to wake up at 3 or 4 am, but understanding how your body functions is crucial in getting things done in the morning.

So, select your ideal time, then once done, select the time that you want to be in bed. Gradually push your bed time earlier with each early wake time you set. This ensures that you get enough sleep for the night. Additionally, it’s easier to set a wake-up time than a sleep time (different from bedtime, which is the time you go to bed) as sleep time will often completely be beyond your control.

Keep the sleep schedule consistent

Once you have your bedtime and wake time set, then it is about time you stick to the schedule. If you used to stay up till late, this means that you will now need to always go to bed earlier as per your new bedtime.

Keeping a regular sleeping pattern helps your body build a routine, which means that it will slowly adjust to waking up earlier.

Keep away the alarm clock

Hitting snooze is often fun, but for the most part, the sleep after hitting snooze will be light sleep and not worth the effort. So, instead, when your alarm goes off, get up and get out of bed.

You can reduce instances of you reaching out to snooze by keeping the alarm across the room, but ensuring it is loud enough to wake you. If you use your phone, also put it away from your bedside so that you need to get out of bed to pound it.

Develop a fun morning routine

Even when you get used to it, you might still find waking up a little difficult. So, create something fun to do immediately after waking up. So, you could do some yoga or some light dancing after getting out of bed. Make it a habit and you will find yourself looking forward to waking up on most morning.

Waking up earlier has proven benefits which you should look forward to exploiting. That is one way to make yourself very happy.

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