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How to Become an Affiliate Marketer on Instagram

by Roveen Anyango
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Social media, for all its flaws, is quickly becoming an avenue for many people to make money. Currently, X, formerly Twitter, is giving out payouts just for tweeting.

Thus, many people are rushing to monetize their accounts on X, and that is a good thing. But, if you don’t want to join the rush, you can still find ways to monetize your account on Instagram.

Through becoming an affiliate marketer, you can then make money on Instagram. However, you need to remember that on Instagram, you will need to actually be selling a product or service.

1.    Switch to Creator or Business Account

The first step toward monetizing your IG account is to make your account a creator or business.

When you make this switch, you will then gain access to tools that will help you grow your page on the platform. Here is how to switch to a business account.

Once switched, ensure that you get engagements in large numbers on your posts. The number of followers is not largely relevant. Sure, you still need a significant number of followers. But even with 5,000 followers, if you get a lot more engagements than someone with 10,000 followers, you can out-earn them.

2.   Find affiliate partners of businesses

Once you have switched your account, you will need to find an affiliate program that you want to work with. Amazon Associates is one example of an excellent affiliate program you can join.

To join the affiliate program:

Step 1: Go to onboard, then select ‘Professional dashboard.’ Then, tap on ‘Set Up Affiliate’.

Step 2: Once you are onboard, you will get a list of shops, and you can then navigate to the shop of your choice. You also will choose products you wish to promote and save them on your wish list.

Step 3: When creating affiliate content, you will then tag the saved products.

Step 4: The final post will include a disclosure, and you will have ‘Eligible for commission’ at the top of the post.

However, to become eligible for the Instagram affiliate marketing program, ensure you comply with Instagram Partner Monetization Policies and Community Guidelines.

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