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How to Build a Successful Podcast

by Roveen Anyango
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Podcasts have become a great medium for normal, everyday people to express themselves, share their unique ideas and stories, and indeed, make money.

However, succeeding at podcasting is not all about just propping down a mike, sitting in a chair and rambling. As with any other venture, it needs proper planning.

Below are some tips on how to build a successful podcast.

Invest in proper equipment

Obviously, the equipment for a more state of the art podcast cost a lot more, but at the very least, invest in a proper mike and recording equipment.

Podcasts are a means of entertainment to your audience, so a podcast with poor audio quality won’t stand a chance of gaining an audience. Who in their right mind would want to strain to hear you and your guests speaking?

So, invest in a decent mike, headset and basic editing software and then get more complex equipment as the podcast grows and begins to earn money.

Choose the right theme

While it would be easier to say choose the right topic, a theme is more critical as it will help you capture the audience you are targeting. A theme is the overarching idea or topic of your podcast.

So, a theme could be sharing inspiring stories of normal everyday people, politics, sports, gaming and so on. Thus, when you choose a topic, it will be based on the theme.

This means that you then get to engage in a topic you are most comfortable with and are able to capture your target audience easily. If you jump into any trending topic with no plan, pretty soon, you will run out of content and your audience will see through this.

Conduct interviews

Guests make podcasts interesting. They allow for a new voice to offer an interesting outside perspective.

So, invite guests to share stories of things they are passionate about while relating them to the wider theme of your podcast. Guests allow listeners to get invested in your show. Additionally, if the guest is an established person, they can also bring in a new audience with them to your podcast.

Be consistent

After all, is said and done, the critical part of building a podcast is consistency. You nurture a relationship and a sense of community when you provide content in a timely manner and become reliable to your audience.

So, let your audience know when you will be giving them new episodes – weekly, daily, once every two weeks and so on. If something comes up, communicate beforehand.

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